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Welcome to the world of  KettleWink,
Curio Film&Music 
and the Creative Space Machine  


KettleWink exists partly in the  real world and partly in imagination  It is a place to immerse in the creativity of music and film, fantasy and folk lore.


Those wee concerts between the wink to the concert organiser to put the kettle on and the break.  Dobro bro, with his dobro for hire and the oddly osmotic line between reality and fantasy.


Come and Collaborate in this ! 

Who knows, perhaps in this imaginative world  we can expand our minds and maybe solve a few real world problems along the way.  

Curio Film&Music sits in the engine room at KettleWink deep in the heart of the Creative Space Machine. 


From  music and film production, videography, music composition and sound design, right  through  to adding that unique dobro sound to your next project. 


Come in and check out all that Tony Burt has to offer to your next project 

The Creative Space Machine is the studio space to come and create your project. 

Come and  explore the host of services. A recording session, live performance music video, film or media project. A relaxed comfortable  environment with a host of support for your own creative ideas  

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