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Tony Burt, Karen Jones and Hanna Wiskari Griffiths bring together a unique blend of instruments and music from Americana, Celtic and Swedish folk traditions. The combined result creates something new, a unique sound intricately woven and all the while retaining respect for the traditions. A true folk fusion

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Karen Jones, harp, guitar, piano vocals

Karen Jones was born and raised in a musical family in Auckland, but spent a good chunk of her adult years, cutting her teeth in Scottish traditional arts and assimilating Scottish culture in Edinburgh. There she ran a popular weekly session and became an active member of the folk community. Traditional Scottish music soon became her inspiration and passion.


Tony Burt, resonator, weissenborne, guitar, piano, percussion, vocals

A multi instrumentalist, he is well recognised for live solo and ensemble perfomances on acoustic finger style guitar, renonators (dobros) and steel guitars.  Tony is a prolific composer and continues to challenge the boundaries of musical styles, working across a vairietry of genres from americana and bluegrass to celtic and anywhere across the traditional dividing lines.

Hanna Wiskari Griffiths, Saxophone


Swedish saxophonist Hanna is a musician and tutor with her roots in the Scandinavian traditional music. Growing up surrounded by music, on the Swedish west coast, she has always had traditional music in her life,

For the last 20 years she has been active as a musician in a number of different bands and projects, such as Habbadám and the Goodland Trio alongside many others.

Live Performance  Jerusalem Ridge /La Sansonnet 
Live Performance sampler
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