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Welcome to the world of KettleWink 


A kettlewink is the wink given to the organiser of a concert a few tunes before the break so they can put the kettle on and then we can all have a cup of tea.. Therefore in a kettlewink is a pre-determined yet undefined period of time.


From this beginning, and in the creative imagination of Tony Burt, a whole alternative world has spawned and continues to develop over time. 

Following the adventures of the alter ego character Dobro-Bro, the world of KettleWink is an ever evolving adventure of music, film, story,  collaboration with artists and creators, wild stories and characters that are brought to life on stage and on film to challenge the Osmotic Line Between Fantasy and Reality. 


KettleWink Chronicles (noun) 

Strange events may well unfold in the ever evolving osmotic line between fantasy and reality.

Kettlewink Concert - Ronel Hunter.jpg

KettleWink Concerts (astounding noun) 

Hosted by Dobro Bro. Special guests seemingly appear and performing while he puts the kettle on. 

Behind the mask (renoun) 

Who is this Capo'd Crusader !

KettleWink Awards  (become noun around toun )

Young performer award @ Wellyfest concerts 

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