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Studio Bookings 

KettleWink Kick Off Special- Artist Day Rate - 8 hours  $480 + gst

You may want to be in quick on this one. Bookings into the studio until the end of March 2024. 

Project rate     poa

We understand that working out a budget for your music project can be a bit daunting. There are many factors to consider such as:

  • the number of songs or tunes,  

  • how tracks will be laid, 

  • clicks and guide tracks,

  • session artist track lay

  • result expectations. 

Relax and know that we can help you plan this out to suit your time and budget easily.   Come and talk to us about your project. We can work through the scope,  process and details that will go into preparing an indicative project plan , timeframe, schedule and budget. 

Live Performance Video Package       $600   record up to three tunes  live in the Studio. 

  • Live performance video can be a make or break when it comes to presenting yourself to festivals, events and venues. A live video gives an indication of how you perform live and injects your personality and quality of performance.

  • A professional live video with great quality video and sound presents you much better than recordings from a phone at a gig.

  • Being recorded and filmed in the studio either in the  KettlwWink setting or against a green screen is a great way to show your true colours. 

  • We specialise in  acoustic music artists  rather than rock/ electric artists  so check it out here !

Resonator /Slide /Lap Steel recordings for songs and albums.           from $120 per track


  • Resonator,  Slide and Steel Guitar tracks and overdubs for your song or album project.

  • Prices can be also be tailored for your specific album or film project

  • Price includes the presentation of track ideas, a full track recording (upon client approval) and one revision session if required.

  • Check out these samples of  tracks to give you an idea of whats on offer. 

Music Compositions and Sound Design poa


  • Pricing will be dependent on the complexity and scope of the project.

  • To get a good indication of budget  we will work through the project, your ideas and vision.

  • From there we will  break down the phases and detail the effort duration, cost and deliverables. 

  • It might all sound a bit project management centric but as a project manager by trade also, I find that this  really helps to keep track. progress and and budget to achieve results. 

General Studio Hire 


  • The studio as a creative space can be used for any number of purposes. Photography sessions, podcasts, green screen, sound design, foley,  audio capture , remote artist recording sessions.

  • We don't set  all the boundaries and  always open to discussing your project and how we can help.  

Media  production  - Commercial, Campaign and Music Videos  POA

It all all starts with discussing the project you have in mind, your vision and the outcome for the final product.

Services include 

  • Production management services - Producing, Directing.

  • Videography - in studio and location 

  • Green Screen  

  • Video editing

  • Sound editing

  • Sound Design

  • Music Composition  

We also work with great collaborators. With a stable of producers, musicians , audio and video specialists and marketing guru's,  we can call on these great trusted resources to include in you project. 

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