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KettleWink Concerts Ep #1  In the Beginning 

Set in a lockdown with a busking dobro player.

Boredom and a lack of friends  leads him to ponder  starting his own TV show.


Special guest performing live in an altered state of reality for a Kettlewink. That period of time it takes to put the kettle on and make a cuppa.

He needs to find a host , but no ordinary host 

KettleWink Concerts Ep #2 David and Shimna 

Dobro Bro comes back from busking to find David and Shimna at KettleWink.


Being the good host, he puts on the kettle while they play a few tunes.

KettleWink Concerts Ep #3  Ronel Hunter.


Ronel Hunter drops in to play a few songs while the Capo'd one puts the kettle on.


Ronel delivers a stunning performance. So easily are we captivated by the honesty and presence of her songs.


Dobro Bro's chums  Jude Madill, Karen Jones and Tony Burt pop in for a tune too

The Busker Waltz - Dobro Bro meets the mysteriously cool guitar gal !

It's ALIVE show

Drawing inspiration from the fanciful adventures in a corner of the KettleWink world, Tony Burt - Lockdown Lullaby is a curious musical in the making.

Welcome to a place in time and history where the lines between reality and fantasy are osmotic.


With a mix of musings, stories and some seriously adventurous musical performance on resonator and guitar,


Tony will entertain for at least 45 minutes! Joining Tony on stage during the performance will be Karen Jones, one of the best supporting rhythm guitarist either side of the osmotic line.

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