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Ka Mate – the Haka the Legend, Maori Television 2011, 

Ka Mate – Te Papa (exhibition) 2011 

E Tu Ake  - Te Papa, (exhibition) 2010 

Whenua -  Te Papa (Slice of Heaven exhibition) 2010 

Te Aurere me te Papaa ( Short Film) 2004



Composer and Sound Design 


The Snapper Sandwich (Feature Doc)2012

Cape York Experience (Feature Doc) 2008 

Splinter (Short Film) 2008 

When Night Falls (Feature suspense) 2007 

Fire and the Story  (Feature Doc) 2007 (Sound Design)

One Last Goodbye. Short Film. (drama)  2005 

In Limbo, Short Film (drama)2003 

Road Chill  Short Film, (suspense)2001  

The first venture into composing music for film was in the late 1990's. Writing and recording a sample composition for the recently filmed short "Splinter' while playing back a video tape.


I realised how music and sound  work so closely together to create atmosphere. Sound Design is an extension of the Aural art in film.


Several years later, with many other compositions and sound designs in the can, Splinter was completed along with a complete sound replacement 

Watch and Listen to SPLINTER  here.

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